I think we are the absolute greatest and most fun interest group in the AAA, and I always learn a lot from the wonderful activities at the AAA. – Nancy Konvalinka, Lecturer in Anthropology, UNED, Spain

The consequences of global aging will influence virtually every topic studied by anthropologists, including the biological limits of the human life span, generational exchange and kinship, household and community formations, symbolic representations of the life course, and attitudes toward disability and death. A major goal of this interest group is to bring together anthropologists whose work addresses such issues both in and outside of academia.


Claudia Huang, Assistant Professor, Human Development, California State University, Long Beach



Jay Sokolovsky, Professor of Anthropology University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Programme Committee

Sarah Chard, Associate Professor Sociology and Anthropology at University of Maryland Baltimore County

Sarah Lamb, Professor of Anthropology, Brandeis University

Narelle Warren, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Sociology, Monash University

Jason Danely, Senior Lecturer Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University

Bjarke Oxlund, University of Copenhagen

Joy Ciofi, Georgia State University

Book Series in Anthropology, Aging and the Life Course

Life Course, Culture and Aging: Global Transformation

The book series is published by Berghahn Publishers in collaboration with AAGE and the AAA Interest Group on Aging and the Life Course. Mission of the series: Late Life and Adult Maturity set in the global context of the Life Course, Culture and Community. The series will consist of both ethnographies and edited books with a goal of 2-3 books a year. Manuscript ideas/manuscripts can be submitted to either the editor, Jay Sokolovsky (jsoko@earthlink.net) or the publisher, Marion Berghahn, Marion.berghahn@berghahnbooks.com

Global Perspectives on Aging

This series, with Rutgers University Press, publishes books that will deepen and expand our understanding of age, aging and late life in the United States and beyond. The series focuses on anthropology while being open to ethnographically vivid and theoretically rich scholarship in related fields, including sociology, religion, cultural studies, social medicine, medical humanities, gender and sexuality studies, human development, and cultural gerontology. Sarah Lamb, Editor. lamb@branroberdeis.edu.