The Anthropology of Aging and the Life Course Interest Group, in cooperation with AAGE, has put together a schedule of panels and events that may be of interest to our membership attending the Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association and the Canadian Anthropology Society . AAA can be overwhelming, with hundreds of panels from morning until evening for four and a half days (not to mention the parties). With everything going on, our guide will help you make sure you get to hear the latest research from leaders in the anthropology of the life course. As in past years AALCIG was able to sponsor one panel, and this year we’ve chosen “Care Across Borders: Intergenerational Care through Digital Technologies in Transnational Family Life“. Look for future posts from the organizers about what to expect from this session.

The guide also includes information about special AALCIG events. This year, these inlcude:

  • The annual business meeting (everyone welcome!)
  • A special interlocutor event with Parin Dossa
  • A ‘speed-mentoring’ even with the Association of Senior Anthropologists
  • A 4-hour workshop on collaborating with non-academic stakeholders and ‘translating research into action


To browse the guide online, visit the AAGE website here