AALCIG began in 2007, and has since provided a space for anthropologists interested in topics involving aging, generations and the life course to come together to address common concerns, share practices, pool resources, and establish a foundation of theories and methods that could bring age to the forefront of the discipline. Most of us are in departments or research environments where we might be the only anthropologist (faculty, post-grads or students) whose focus is on aging, and AALCIG provides a chance to meet others with similar interests at the annual meeting and get new inspiration, build our networks, and strengthen the field as a whole. While we do believe there is value in focused work on particular periods in the life course (and critical attention to the ways those are defined), AALCIG is committed to bringing that research into a broader discussion about the ways life courses are structured, imagined and lived through diverse relations and practices. Most of us have found that whether the specific research questions are about children or older adults or anything in between, we also need to take into account the multi-generational and age-diverse environments in which people live and develop.

The interest group activities at the annual meeting of the AAA include panel sponsorship, a special “interlocutor event” and a business meeting. In conjunction with the independent non-profit group, The Association for Anthropology, Gerontology and the Life Course (AAGE), AALCIG hosts a group dinner outing and careers mentoring. Between the meetings, we will post regular news on our website and through our listserv, which you can subscribe to HERE.

We urge all members to help our group thrive by contributing however you can, whether attending the events, sharing your work on the website, or nominating yourself for a leadership position. Joining the interest group is free for AAA members, so please make sure that you tick the box when you are renewing your membership!

On behalf of the convenors and program committee, I want to thank you for your interest in our group, and look forward to meeting you.

Jason Danely
Co-convenor AALCIG